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Another reminder that Adobe is a Tools Company

Another reminder that Adobe is really in the best position to capitalize on the move to HTML5 Adobe is a tools company.

Although Adobe may prefer that the web use their proprietary Flash format, it makes most of its money from the tools that we use as content creators. Flash CS5 has rudimentary export to HTML5 and Canvas. Canvas is another of the HTML5 tags. This one allows for very sophisticated animation of the screen – up to doing 3D cubes with video on each side, for example. It’s also part of what makes HTML5 competitive with Flash.

When I refer to HTML5 as a replacement for Flash, I’m actually referring to the combination of:

The <video> tag that allows video to be played without any plug-in;

The <canvas> tag that allows regions of the screen to be manipulated in very sophisticated ways;

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) which provide even more formatting and animation options; and

Javascript for the smarts. (The code that provides interactivity and connects to the tags above).

There’s more to HTML5 than that, but that’s the basics and Adobe is definitely in the best position to make the tools we will need for HTML5 to be successful. They’re already much closer than anyone else