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The container is a problem with Ogg?

The container is a problem wth Ogg as well ? Forget the quality it’s open source (I’m going to be in trouble for saying that!)

While I understand the issues of Ogg (Theora and Vorbiss) vs MPEG 4 for HTML5’s <video> tag it’s usually because of quality and hardware support: H.264 is visually better than Theora at similar data rates and well supported by encoding tools and hardware-accelerated playback, I had not considered that the container format – Ogg – may also have issues.

But heck, if people still voluntarily use the AVI (Video for Windows aka “The Zombie format that will not die”) container that Microsoft officially killed in 1996 (that’s 14 years ago folks) then perhaps people just don’t care about containers the way geeks do?