Good article on self promotion

Good article on self promotion -How to have good relationships as a self publisher. Networking gets us work! Work at it constantly.

So, after that quick brain dump, let me recap:

  • Relationships are everything.
  • We publish primarily in text without the nuance of critical non-verbal communication.
  • Text has non-verbal elements like style and emoticons, but we can only control the latter.
  • Context is also non-verbal communication. Context is karma: Character and professional reputation.

Written from a British perspective but with an American context in mind. Good advice for anyone who needs to network, and that’s everyone.

Cringely talks on the future of Television

Cringely talks on the future of Television First I heard of it, but Veetle looks interesting.

I disagree with Robert Cringely as much as I agree, but I always read his recent postings because they make me think. And that’s a good thing for me.

What makes this one interesting is that he exposed me to Veetle for the first time. Veetle is an attempt to bridge the openness of the net, the on-demand future of media consumption, with a protection model that doesn’t get in the way.  I could be interested in that!

Veetle, if you haven’t heard of it, is a Palo Alto-based startup that isn’t nominated for this summer’s Startup Tour.  Veetle appears from my vantage point to be a peer-to-peer video distribution system that most closely parallels the current cable TV model except applied to the Internet.  Veetle video channels can be viewed in a browser (32-bit plug-in required) and present — just like CNN — a continuous stream of programming that can’t be interrupted, paused, or changed and can’t be very easily recorded, either.

In fact a Veetle channel very well could be CNN, because almost anyone can become a Veetle broadcaster by just grabbing a video feed from their DVD player or cable box and throwing it up on the web in glorious H.264.  Veetle is an adolescent cesspool of intellectual property confusion but that’s part of what makes it so much fun.

HTML pack for Dreamweaver

HTML pack for Dreamweaver Adobe is moving quickly demoing HTML 5 support in Dreamweaver at Google I/O Conference.

It’s in Adobe labs ready for experimenting now.

Demonstrated on stage:

First, Kevin [Lynch] is showing the HTML5 pack for Dreamweaver. It augments Dreamweaver with code hinting, an updated WebKit for the live view, the fun multiscreen demo that Adobe has been sharing for awhile, and starter layouts for HTML5.

Then we see Kevin use a new prototype tool that allows him to create a rich ad (of course! 🙂 using CSS3 transforms and animations. This is a design tool folks. Think timelines, layers, and more.

I think this is great news for Adobe and HTML5 regardless of what might happen with Flash (which is going to be with us for quite a while).

Not so wonderful in implication is the comment:

Once people figure out HTML5 ads are much harder to block than flash or simple images, it’s going to take off.

Darn. Flash advertising is easy to block and blocked, the web is a better place, generally.