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HTML pack for Dreamweaver

HTML pack for Dreamweaver Adobe is moving quickly demoing HTML 5 support in Dreamweaver at Google I/O Conference.

It’s in Adobe labs ready for experimenting now.

Demonstrated on stage:

First, Kevin [Lynch] is showing the HTML5 pack for Dreamweaver. It augments Dreamweaver with code hinting, an updated WebKit for the live view, the fun multiscreen demo that Adobe has been sharing for awhile, and starter layouts for HTML5.

Then we see Kevin use a new prototype tool that allows him to create a rich ad (of course! 🙂 using CSS3 transforms and animations. This is a design tool folks. Think timelines, layers, and more.

I think this is great news for Adobe and HTML5 regardless of what might happen with Flash (which is going to be with us for quite a while).

Not so wonderful in implication is the comment:

Once people figure out HTML5 ads are much harder to block than flash or simple images, it’s going to take off.

Darn. Flash advertising is easy to block and blocked, the web is a better place, generally.






One response to “HTML pack for Dreamweaver”

  1. Phil,
    Adobe has not had much time to “move quickly”. I would expect they always intended to do this. They are a tools company, and thats what tools companies do.

    I always wondered why you where so happy about going to hTmL5, when in reality it means your worst nightmare in that what you block now in Flash, will no longer be block-able. And as currently, Flash is tested to be 200-300% faster then HTML5. And you cannot block the content, and the player is not optimised to lower CPU/animation FPS when not seen on screen etc. All stuff Flash 10.1 will do.

    Ouch! HTML5 will be painful for a while..

    Tho, I would not be that worried, making HTML5 content is much harder and designers will have no chance. It will be some time.. years I think, before HTML5 are common the the very earliest.