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A better way to measure web video?

A better way to measure web video? Ad giant WPP’s R&D division launches beta of new service.

This will really only interest those who want to support media from advertising – not the only business model for sure – but would be a good step to accurate viewing figures. Too often, a “view” is counted if the video is played at all – even a second or two counts as a play; or the video auto-plays, sliently in a hidden window “below the fold” to get the play numbers up.

Kantar Video, a new business unit, just launched under the direction of Bill Lederer, who has previously worked for Kantar, TNS, and Getty Images. Its first product, “Kantar Videolytics,” is rolling out in private beta, and Lederer expects to launch a public beta this fall. It will be a subscription service that integrates into existing web video players, formats, etc.