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Adobe’s Big Peer-to-Peer Plans

Adobe’s Big Peer-to-Peer Plans P2P Offload distribution costs to users’ bandwidth.

Another opportunity for Adobe to profit from those using Flash for distribution, reducing costs for many content owners.






2 responses to “Adobe’s Big Peer-to-Peer Plans”

  1. Hi Phil,
    This is one of many reasons I find the idea that flash will die.. is a statement of idiocy.

    I think this idea has strong forward thinking.

    But then again, I do think this type of technology should make it into the standards/open source web platform (Known as the web browser) too.

    But when?

    I have heard a few whispers in this direction but nothing more.

    P.S. I have now had a look at the underlying technology for HTML5, Yes it is the future, in 5 to 10 years from now. Its just to low level that it is only useful to the mega huge companies that can afford to spend 10x the $ on making something a general flash programmer could make.

    HTML5 at the moment, is like say.. Look, HTML5 has access to writing the web pages in machine code. NOW WE CAN DO EVERYTHING THAT FLASH DOES, FLASH IS DEAD. This is of course stupid.
    HTML5 is of course not as low level as machine code, but it is very low level. Both are uninformed statements.
    HTML5 is more about other issues like a hack to make the dom multi threaded etc. Those are real advances we can use now in HTML based web apps. But the core of what flash is. Unfortunately not.
    Tho, I must say, I look forward to HTML5 growing up. It has a lot of potential to replace a lot of what flash is on the web today.
    But ditching flash now will put you 5 years back in Web experiance in many ways. (Mostly in the way you like Phil. Ie less annoying motion ads.)

    Apple is going to have to support flash in the future. Once Android tablets flood the market and run flash as well as a lot of generic iPad applications can run. (Which technologically it can do, and I have seen demos that indicate this)
    It will be difficult to not support flash. Apple will look bad. iPad with flash is better then iPad without flash. Android with Flash will be more desirable to the general idiot consumer. It will hurt the bottom line.. so.. ideas will change.
    They will find some excuse to allow it..

    I liken it to say… Apple saying they would not support GIF as PNG is better and everyone should change their websites because I say so…

    The web is freedom to use anything you want, from open source to proprietary plug ins to proprietary operating systems.

    1. When Flash is removed from the internet I surf, it’s possible for me to do it. When there’s Flash, well I just don’t go there. Ever.

      HTML5/Javascript and CSS need a good IDE (and Adobe should be the ones to do it if they want to continue with their software suite) but Apps fill the gaps on Apple’s device.

      Just acctept it: there will never ever, under any circumstances, be Flash on Apple’s devices. Even if that means they lose the lead, there won’t be Flash. That decision is made and won’t ever be revisited.