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Required Specs could Make Google TV too expensive?

Required Specs Could Make Google TV Too Pricey? Maybe to start with, but it’ll all get cheaper over time.

Requirement for a hefty (for a TV) processor and RAM would make Google TV equipped sets fairly expensive compared to their rivals. But we all know that digital electronics comes down in price over time.

In the interview, Dureau said that connected devices needed more memory than regular HDTVs for buffering while streaming over the web. “If you do the math on decoding an HD video signal, it actually takes a lot of memory — 100 to 200 Mbytes. If you start looking at connected devices in the market that support streaming over the Web they basically have quite a bit of additional ram for buffering,” he said.

At least one consumer electronics manufacturer has decided against introducing the Google TV platform into its connected devices because development of those products would be too pricey. In March, Panasonic EVP Bob Perry told Bloomberg that the Android OS would require too much processing power to make it a viable solution.