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A guide to 3D display technologies

A guide to 3D display technology: its principles, methods, and dangers You might as well know the ‘enemy’.

A good background on how stereo vision works and why 3D cinema and television are not the same as 3D in the natural world. Some very nice illustrations of what each eye sees for each type of 3D system. Plus, why and for whom 3D is dangerous.

The penultimate paragraph of a long (and very useful) discussion:

There you have it. 3D is a promising and powerful tool, and I look forward to watching movies and playing games with it — once its initial growing pains are over with. Roger Ebert was impatient enough to condemn the technology at this early stage, and as you have read, there are plenty of reasons for him to do so. But I have faith that 3D can be applied tastefully and judiciously by those creating the media, and viewed with moderation and care by those of us who choose to consume it.