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Everything you need to know about SEO

Everything you need to know about SEO I shall be working through this tutorial myself!

Search Engine Optimization is one of the key topics in both my “Grow you Business” and “Grow and Monetize and Audience” seminars. It’s crucial for being more visible on the Internet. Most SEO optimization is relatively simple. You can get 80% of the benefit with relatively little work, or you can spend a lot more time to optimize that last 20% if you desire. (Personally I’m an 80% guy with stuff like this: I’ll put the extra effort into great content, itself very good for SEO optimization.)

This free tutorial cov ers every thing you need to know to get started improv ing your search engine rank ings in the major search engines. Put sim ply, this is the resource I would have kicked a fool in order to get my hands on when I was first div ing into the wild world of SEO.

The guide is the result of hun dreds of hours of research and includes chap ters on all of the following topics:

  1. How Search Engines Operate
  2. How Peo ple Inter act With Search Engines
  3. Why Search Engine Mar ket ing is Necessary
  4. The Basics of Search Engine Friendly Design & Development
  5. Key word Research
  6. How Usabil ity, Expe ri ence, & Con tent Affect Rankings
  7. Grow ing Pop u lar ity and Links
  8. Search Engine’s Tools for Web mas ters Intro
  9. Myths & Mis con cep tions About Search Engines
  10. Mea sur ing and Track ing Success






One response to “Everything you need to know about SEO”

  1. You know, I went through my site and and did a full fix up to optimize it for Search Engines. I did all the tricks in the books and to be honest I lost about 30%-40% of my traffic from google after I was done. So then I had to undo a lot of stuff I did, and now my traffic is going back up. Google seems to hate Metadata now, so I undid that, url links names that have something to do with your content doesn’t seem to mater, and page titles doesn’t seem to matter anymore. It might like clean urls i guess. Also, doing a sitemap.xml submission doesn’t really seem to do anything. I think google has it’s bots so tuned now that it knows when people are trying to outsmart it and take advantage of it. It’s really all about key words and backlink now days. And forget about being indexed with Bing.