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iAds get 6x the click-through of ordinary ads

iAds get 6x the click-through of ordinary ads? All the way up to 1.5%! Annoy 98.5 people for every one interested!

I generally dislike ads that are irrelevant to my interests, which is 99.99999999% of all ads, so I don’t really like them. Fortunately I can tune them out on the web with ad blocker and Click to Flash, but ads in applications worry me.

Fortunately the iAd format doesn’t appear too intrusive when you want to ignore them in an iApp and seem nicely done, but let me tell you any developer that puts ads in a paid app is not getting my business. I pay with attention (ads) or with money, but I won’t pay with both. Let’s not repeat the mistakes of Cable TV.

Anyway, it seems the early testers are clicking through at up to 6x the normal rate: between .9% and 1.5%. That means, for every 100 viewers of the iAds only 1 will click through. And that’s considered a good result? By extrapolation, that means that normal ads get one click for every 600 people that are subjected to the ad.

No wonder 70% of Americans want to pay to avoid advertising, and yet we don’t get appropriately priced options to do that.