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If there is geodate with tweets and checkins can we use it for production metadata?

If there is geodate with tweets and checkins, then cross correlating a crew list’s tweets and footage would give location metadata!

The news that Twitter was adding more location data (aka metadata) to tweets (because location is data about where the tweet came from) set me thinking. I want to be able to capture useful production metadata – like location – without any effort on the part of assistant or editor (or producer).

So I set to thinking that if we cross-correlated the Twitter and Foursquare identities with the production, we’d be able to roughly guess location from the concentration of tweet or check-in locations. Wouldn’t be GPS accurate, but possibly enough to differentiate from one setup to another? (Or at least location to location.)

Probably won’t happen for privacy reasons, but it’s fun to think about. (My kind of fun.)