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Jib Jab does 1 mill transactions a year.

Jib Jab does 1 mill transactions year –

Jib Jab – the incredibly creative guys responsible for “Our Land” during the Bush/Kerry campaign, have long discovered that:

JibJab created its direct-to-consumer model, which it rolled out in the fourth quarter of 2007, after the ad market failed to be as robust as it needed to support its business. In a video interview with CinemaTech blogger Scott Kirsner earlier this year, the co-founders said that advertising doesn’t work for online video. Instead, over the past several years JibJab has shifted to selling annual subscriptions that give its user unlimited access to its e-cards and “Starring You” products, while also accepting micropayments for individual digital downloads on iPhone and other devices.

It’s been my assertion for years that advertising isn’t going to support online media the way it did broadcast.