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iMovie for iPhone 4 edits H.264!

After I posted that last reference to Boing Boing’s iPhone photo and video examples I read the very last line:

Video is saved and exported as h.264 QuickTime, and you can email, MMS, or publish to YouTube right from the iPhone. Editing on the device is possible with iMovie for iPhone ($5 in the Apple App store).

So, iMovie on iPhone can edit H.264 QuickTime Files but Final Cut Pro has to transcode to ProRes? What’s up with that?

Now there’s a lot of good reasons to transcode to ProRes (or DNxHD even with AMA for H.264 QT files) but surely if the underpowered processor in an iPhone (relative to any desktop or laptop) can do it, why not a fully blown 8 core Mac?






3 responses to “iMovie for iPhone 4 edits H.264!”

  1. Sascha

    Final Cut Pro 8, here we come!

  2. Robert L.


    There’s an interesting article from Robert X. Cringley related to this.

    1. Yes, I saw Cringley’s article. He may be right about the Mac Pro, but without it Apple cedes all high end (Hollywood, TV shows) work to Avid or Adobe. That hurts their marketing position, so it’s unlikely. Remember, Cringley has a very, very poor track record with accurate Apple predictions. (He’s wrong about 80% of the time, I’m right about the same percentage).

      As for FCP, he’s completely wrong.