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The sugar cane machine

The sugar cane machine

A short analogy that explains, simply, the evolution of differential marketing from monopoly to competition to open competition to product differentiation. Only the latter truly survives in an open marketplace.

It’s a great lesson for anyone in business (or freelance) or trying to promote an independent video/film project. You can’t compete on price alone:

And then! And then one cane processor starts creating a series of collectible containers, starts interacting with his customers and providing them with custom blends, starts offering long-term contracts and benefits to his biggest customers, and yes, even begins to pay his growers more if they’re willing to bring him particularly sweet and organic materials, on time. In short, he becomes a master of the art of processing and marketing cane. He earns permission, he treats different customers differently and he refuses to act like a faceless factory…

Who are you?

Seth Godin is always worth reading and this is short, to the point and valuable. It’s how we evolve when media can be distributed free, whether we authorize it or not.