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Things You Can or Can’t Fix in Post: Video Acquisition.

Things You Can or Can’t Fix in Post: Video Acquisition

Mark Schubin’s presentation from the San Francisco Public Television Quality Workshop, June 8, 2010.

This presentation consists of one PowerPoint and four MOV video clips (download each file):
Schubin-SFPTVQW-Acquisition (PPT, 22 MB)
Mounts-the_Problem_(slide10) (MOV, 8 MB)
Mounts-Fixed_in_Post_(slide11) (MOV, 8 MB)
Mounts-Not_Exactly_Fixed_(slide12) (MOV, 6 MB)
Rolling_Shutter_(slide61) (MOV, 11 MB)

You will have to play the video clips manually based on the on-screen prompts in the PowerPoint.

I had the pleasure of producing Mark Schubin’s The Schubin Report for NewBay Media for nearly 18 months – two episodes a month. It was great work because, not only was I reasonably well paid, the whole time I listened to Mark, I was learning!