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CloudCanvas HTML5 Image Creation and Editing tool.

CloudCanvas Launches HTML5 Image Creation And Editing Suite

While Adobe have given some indication that it’s moving to provide the creation tools for HTML5, with their Lab project add-on to Dreamweaver for HTML5, the addition of a competing comprehensive tool is good news for the HTML5 ecosystem and long term prospects for even more widespread adoption. More interestingly this is a browser-based “cloud” application.

CloudCanvas allows both novice doodlers and expert designers to create, store, edit and embed images into the suite. The suite, which supports both vector and bitmap images, includes a standard roster of simple image tools similar to offline image editing suites (i.e. Photoshop), including polygons, circles, painting, layers, brushes and others. And the suite includes more advanced editing tools such as bezier curves, blurring, drop shadow and bevel filters.

Additionally, CloudCanvas is integrated with Google Images search and DeviantArt libraries to import images into the suite and includes over 30,000 clipart and templates within the suite. The suite also includes 500 fonts ready to use on the web and support saving in PNG and SVG formats