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Wow, shrewd of Apple

Wow, shrewd of Apple… free 3-day summer moviemaking camp for 8-12 year olds. Get ’em hooked for life…

Found by David Pogue and tweeted. This is a shrewd move on Apple’s part because if they can get everyone working with their visual storytelling tools when they’re young, they’ll have them for life.






2 responses to “Wow, shrewd of Apple”

  1. Apple has always been good with giving free or super cheap kit to schools. (Ie 60% discount not unusual from what I hear)

    Tho I must say, I have been using FCP of late for some editing, hobby for my videos, and it is very frustrating doing the graphics and grading etc.

    Premiere Pro and the Cuda engine leaves it behind in a lot of ways.
    Not sure if staying with FCP is the right choice.

    the FCP cuda equivalent is likely a LONG way of. Considering they have so much work to do in some many areas.

    How high on the priority do you think it is Phil?


  2. Philip Hodgetts

    I think the work on remaking FCP, hopefully with some re-imagining instead of just working on a simple update, is progressing with the same high priority it has always had as an important marketing tool for Apple.

    They could probably have done a simple cocoa port by now, or early next year, but I hope they take the extra time to make a newly rethought application. But I don’t know.