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Powerful new transcript workflow tool

Powerful new transcript workflow tool – paper cuts without the pain – from Intelligent Assistance (my day job).

We just launched prEdit, our pre-editing tool for developing paper cuts (a.k.a. radio cut) from transcripts. prEdit:

  • Lets producers or editors cut transcripts into selects in seconds
  • Adds and updates log notes with auto-complete logging fields
  • Previews the video for any clip, subclip, paper cut or section of paper cut
  • Exports to Excel spreadsheets and Final Cut Pro, or Premiere Pro Sequences

“prEdit marks a new generation of postproduction tools,”  say I. “Video editing by text is a whole new way of working that will take weeks out of developing a paper cut.”

prEdit is available now from and carries an MSRP of $395, discounted for an introductory special to $295 until August 31st. The prEdit workflow is described at and a video overview is available at The first 80 seconds provide an overview.

The video is now available at YouTube