Boxee Embraces HTML5, Switches to Webkit.

Boxee Embraces HTML5, Switches to Webkit

Not, as you might think another Flash refugee, but a switch from the Mozilla Gecko HTML rendering engine to the more popular Webkit HTML rendering engine. Webkit is fully open sourced and used in almost all mobile browsers, Safari and Chrome, but heavily subsidized by Apple with its development.

The switch to Webkit was:

The switch is an attempt to make full use of HTML5 within Boxee, but it should also help with accessing a wider array of video content that’s not yet available through dedicated Boxee apps.

Interpreting Criticism of your ideas

Interpreting Criticism

A good read from one of my favorite marketing-oriented writers.

Heartfelt criticism of your idea or your art is usually right (except when it isn’t…)

When people criticize a new approach, new product or new service, it’s from within the context of their existing assumptions. I’ve been dramatically wrong about technology trends, taking a little time to “get” the benefits of pay-at-pump in gas stations, or even ATMs, because my assumptions about what I wanted were wrong.

The useful element of this sort of criticism isn’t that the fact that people in the status quo don’t like your idea. Of course they don’t. The interesting question is:what about the world as it is would have to change for your idea to be important?