prEdit reaches 1.1 after first month

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  1. Philip,

    I was wondering how useful you thought prEdit might be for use in linguistic field research and what other tools from documentary use might be useful for such tasks as creating multi-lingual transcriptions from field video?

    It’s a major task for field linguists, as you can imagine, So big that 10% of an archive transcribed is considered acceptable.

    // Tony

  2. I guess, once again, that getting the transcript is the costly part? prEdit doesn’t solve that problem.

    We use Adobe’s technology to get a time stamp for each word in the video. we track those timestamps and generate ‘on the fly’ subclips and then building edits.

    Since I know almost nothing (let’s say nothing) about linguistic field research, I don’t know if this would be useful or not. My guess is not, as it really is designed as a better way to do a paper cut for a documentary.

    Auto speech to text is coming – Google have some good technology as do Spinvox. Adobe uses Autonomy but the results are very variable. We did about half the transcriptions in the Adobe world, correcting auto transcripts, and about half by doing a transcript and running it through Story and OnLocation. The latter workflow seems best.


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