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The Terence and Philip Show Episode 9

The Terence and Philip Show Episode 9: The “un-eye-witness” IBC report!

With crazy guy Howard Brock! Avid’s DS software release and what it means for the Avid product line; KiPro mini; which leads to a side trip talking about the restored Cinerama Windjammer playing off the KiPro at the Cinerama Dome; Blackmagic Design’s IBC announcements: Resolve shipping; control on iPad, bigger and smaller VideoHubs.  Discussion reaches to the Kona 3G and market forces. Howard points out some of the anomalies of charging over time. More on the Blackmagic Design’s IBC announcements. 3D at IBC and why we don’t like it. Trimming R3D files and the problems of naming. Avid sponsors the IBC Supermeet. Cinedeck version 2.







2 responses to “The Terence and Philip Show Episode 9”

  1. Hi Philip,
    Thought I would drop you a line to say, yes the porn industry has gone 3D, and yes it was a red rig. heard it in the last episode of red centre podcast. hope this gives you a chuckle. Love the show, its like grumpy old men for video.



    1. Damn, RED rig for 3D porn! Thanks for the insight.