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The Terence and Philip Show Episode 10

The Terence and Philip Show Episode 10: Limitation of Avid AMA and a gripe about news slanting.

Once again, Terence and Philip are joined by Howard Brock as they consider the limitations of Avid’s AMA. Plus a little gripe about the way companies present their news.






2 responses to “The Terence and Philip Show Episode 10”

  1. Chris

    Hey guys, enjoyed the show. Just one gripe, at one point someone said “There’s about 5 different ways to convert canon h264 footage to prores, and four of them don’t work!”

    But you didn’t mention which one does work! If you’ve got a recommendation for a conversion process that doesn’t screw up the gamma etc. then that would be nice to post for us.

  2. Howard Brock

    I said it. The only method I’ve used that preserves the gamma as well as gives you accurate time of day timecode is Canon’s E1 Log and Transfer plug-in for Final Cut Pro. You can convert the h.264 to ProRes and then use AMA to get it into the Avid if that’s where you’re going. One caution though, there have been some user reports that ProRes AMA clips experience a gamma shift when effects are applied to them. The solution in that case is to convert the clip to DNx and then apply the effect. I suspect that just about the time that all of this nonsense is worked out, we’ll be onto a different camera’s “15 minutes of fame” and it will begin again.