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Microsoft Silverlight Rough Cut Editor

Microsoft Silverlight Rough Cut Editor

Just had this bought to my attention, and – to the best of my recollection – I’ve never heard of it before. Doesn’t seem to be a “live” project anymore. Anyone know anything more?







3 responses to “Microsoft Silverlight Rough Cut Editor”

  1. interesting, i certainly can see the use for doing a quick on the spot edit from time to time. What is unique is that Microsoft has gotten away the platform wars, since it is for Mac and PC. I can see the route that they are taking. They are pushing hard for the Cloud Base System and trying to position themselves as the leader with all kinds of web base tools. I think it is a very smart move.

  2. It is applications like this that demonstrate why HTML5 is not the ANSWER everyone thinks it is.

    If you know coding, it would be inconceivable to do such an app in HTML5, without a huge team of developers, compared to one Silverlight developer releasing it as free code..

    It is that fact alone that dictates that the plugin technology will always have traction.

    I like to think of like this. We all want hand made, well built furniture, but really, the money is in IKAE, machine made. Ie, the easy cheaper way to get what is at the end of the day, the same result.

    The general business’s wanting a Website will go for the easy and cheaper path..

    Same as Android is outselling the superior iPhone.

    We need to live with these plug-ins, as some of the innovation that comes from single vision technologies are too good to ignore.

    (Like preferring OS X over Linux is the same as preferring Flash/Silverlight over HTML5)

    There was an interesting comment of late, new technologies never replace, they only fragment.

    The one eyes west-coast-ians, take note.

  3. Randolph Webb

    This project is still alive. Just retrieved new Service Pack 1 uploads today (14Jan2011).