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iPhone App Identifies 2.6 Million TV shows by “listening”

iPhone App Identifies 2.6 Million TV Shows by “Listening”

I love technology. Always have, so this application is interesting just because it’s damned amazing technology: the app listens to what’s on TV and:

In four to twelve seconds the application magically returns the exact episode, and correctly identifies whether the content is airing live or if it’s a rebroadcast on the original network or a syndicate.

Apart from helping identify TV shows this is another great example of “audio recognition”. My guess is that it’s not a voice transcription style technology but rather more like Nexidia’s technology (Get! and ScriptSync). IntoNow – the company behind the app – have most likely built waveform ‘prints’ of the shows and match to that.

The more our digital world understands of, and interprets, the “real” world, the more technology can do to take the drudgery out of our everyday work lives. Or as we at Intelligent Assistance like to say “to take the boring out of post”.