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FUJIFILM to feature facial recognition in lens

FUJIFILM to feature facial recognition, precision focus, telephoto lenses

The TRACE facial recognition system enables a camera operator to set automatic focus parameters on one person’s face in a frame. When a subject walks into the frame, a box appears around that person’s face, and if the operator touches that person’s box, the lens automatically focuses on that face throughout the scene. The TRACE system will be shown as a technology demonstration with estimated availability at the end of 2011.

So, here’s my question. There are people who criticize the use of tools like First Cuts, Finisher and prEdit because they in some way diminish the role of the editor (from their perspective). Isn’t this much the same thing? Shouldn’t the camera operator be able to follow focus on a face? Isn’t that part of the job? If we have facial detection like that, couldn’t we add in a pan/tilt head and really follow?