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prEdit: Edit paper cuts without the pain with any type of transcript!

I’m incredibly proud to announce that prEdit – our paper cut editing tool for Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro users – has been updated to version 1.5 with some great new features.

prEdit 1.0.x required the transcript to be generated in Adobe Premiere Pro or Soundbooth; or be processed through either of those applications to lock text to video. While prEdit 1.5 still supports that workflow, it now also works with:

Text, DOC and RTF formats that have timecode at (least) the start of each speaker. More frequent Timecode entries will make the text/video match more accurate.

3Play Media’s JSON format, also available from Media Silo, is supported and has absolute word accuracy. We recommend the JSON format for new transcripts in the future, for now prEdit works with what you’ve already got. (3Play Media also offer more conventional formats with the JSON format, so you can have multiple options for the same transcription fee.)

We tested with every type of text, rtf and Microsoft Word Doc format that we could find and made sure that prEdit accurately read in the transcript accurately identifying the timecodes regardless of how that timecode is formatted.

If you’re working with transcripts you can swap over to prEdit at any time because any log notes entered in Final Cut Pro or Premiere Pro will be editable in prEdit. New log notes can be added in prEdit’s more efficient interface – with autocomplete – and merged with work done in the NLE.

Since I last wrote about  prEdit we added the ability to write in narration to link the interview segments. Narration is immediately turned into an audio file using the current (at the time) system voice for a temp audio file used during previews and for when the project is sent to Final Cut Pro or Premiere Pro CS5 or later.

As well as working with any transcript prEdit 1.5:

  • Let’s producers or editors cut transcripts into selects in seconds
  • Add and update log notes with auto-complete logging fields
  • Uses notes already added in Final Cut Pro or Premiere Pro
  • Previews the video for any clip, subclip, paper cut or section of paper cut
  • Exports to Excel spreadsheets and Final Cut Pro, or Premiere Pro Sequences.

There’s a free demo and prEdit is only $395 for a massive boost in productivity. As Lee Schneider said:

Thanks for prEDIT!  It’s a wonderful application that “thinks” exactly like an editor does.  The workflow is smooth and intuitive and it speeds the process of logging by theme and topic that makes it much easier to assemble sequences.








4 responses to “prEdit: Edit paper cuts without the pain with any type of transcript!”

  1. Well we can’t have the comment area blank after such big news!

    So… Let me be the 1st to say “Congrats!”

    Seems that “Transcription/MetaData IS THE NEW TIMECODE!” – Awesome

    Also, stoked that the peanut butter (prEdit 1.5) & jelly (3PlayMedia) concept seems to have worked out deliciously.

    Rock on PH! And keep up the great work.

    Joe B. aka @zbutcher

    1. I have to thank you for pointing us to 3Play Media. Big win for both of us. And there’s a “Transcription is the new timecode” post coming.

  2. No worries! I Again it’s always fun 2 see 2 great flavors go so well together.

    Again “Congrats” ’cause I’m sure it was a lot of work.

    Looking forward to trying out.

    Now with prEdit done, maybe we can find out who won the FCP idea contest and if will it translate to new FCPx.

    Should be fun/interesting!

    – Joe B.

  3. App contest is still alive but somewhat in a tailspin with FCP X coming.