4 thoughts on “prEdit: Edit paper cuts without the pain with any type of transcript!”

  1. Well we can’t have the comment area blank after such big news!

    So… Let me be the 1st to say “Congrats!”

    Seems that “Transcription/MetaData IS THE NEW TIMECODE!” – Awesome

    Also, stoked that the peanut butter (prEdit 1.5) & jelly (3PlayMedia) concept seems to have worked out deliciously.

    Rock on PH! And keep up the great work.

    Joe B. aka @zbutcher

    1. I have to thank you for pointing us to 3Play Media. Big win for both of us. And there’s a “Transcription is the new timecode” post coming.

  2. No worries! I Again it’s always fun 2 see 2 great flavors go so well together.

    Again “Congrats” ’cause I’m sure it was a lot of work.

    Looking forward to trying out.

    Now with prEdit done, maybe we can find out who won the FCP idea contest and if will it translate to new FCPx.

    Should be fun/interesting!

    – Joe B.

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