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The 18 Senators Who Approve Breaking the Internet to Protect Hollywood.

The 18 Senators Who Approve Breaking The Internet To Protect Hollywood

Last year the pending COICA legislation failed, and the Internet released the captured breath. It would have been a disaster for open speech but now we have an even worse idea: ProtectIP.

Read the article – nothing I can say here will be any clearer. I understand there’s an issue of unauthorized distribution of content, but since no-one has ever presented a peer-reviewed study that actually demonstrates that, and the US Government Accounting Office has debunked Movie and TV Industry “reports” as being without merit or value (or accuracy) and went as far as saying that unauthorized distribution promoted the material and created net value, but that’s not a reason to break the underlying infrastructure and put responsibility on unrelated 3rd parties for the actions of people they don’t control.

Lunacy? No just Government as it’s become.