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Show me the (meta) data

Show me the (meta) data

Given that Final Cut Pro X is so heavily built on metadata, I thought this article was relevant. Although Godin is talking about the metadata we leave behind as we work or play across the Internet (and our purchase history), it helps with the understanding of what metadata is, in a broader sense.

In any case the conclusion is very relevant:

Data about data is more important than ever, and being on the side of the person creating that data is a smart place to be.







7 responses to “Show me the (meta) data”

  1. StofWare

    Your Insight and way of thinking are very much like mine. Always great to read what you have to say (or listen).

    I had a question on Keyword Collections in FCP X Events. I am working on 1 that could end up with 1,000+ keywords and 10,000 plus clips assigned to them.

    1 – Is there a limit to how much ‘keyword-ing’ you can do?
    2 – Is there an easy way to backup only the keyword ‘data base’ in case of corruption?

    1. The Event contains the keyword database so backing up the currentstate file for that Event would do what you want. AFAIK there are no limits but I’m surprised you need so many keywords relative to the number of clips. You’ll likely want to manage the Keyword Collections in folders within the Event.

      1. StofWare

        Thanks So Much, Philip.

        Yeah – I am doing video archiving and creation for an online sports league and I could end up with 100-200 recorded 30 minute games per season. So 30 Teams with goals, saves, hits, about 500-600 individual players with individual names key-worded, and about 20 other unique tags is a lot.

        Folders are key to the organization of it so far.

        I just fear that though I backup my hard drive often, that FCP X might not like so much key-wording in one event. Hopefully the way apple designed the keyword data base is sound (I have to read your book soon) and not easily corrupted :).

        Thanks so much.

  2. StofWare

    Sorry forgot to verify one thing – when you say “backing up the currentstate file for that Event would do what you want” . . . are you referring to the:

    CurrentVersion.fcpevent File?

    1. The foundation of metata in FCP X is Core Data – well proven technology with an SQLite 3 persistent store. Again, well proven technology.

      I’d be organizing keyword collections in folders!

    2. Yes, CurrentVersion.fcpevent file for the specific Event you want to back up. Keep it in a folder with the Event name for clarity. Do not rename that file! (Zip archive it and rename the zip if you want to.)

      1. StofWare

        Fantastic – thanks, Philip. Finally buying the book tonight :). Can’t wait to read it.