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How I automated my writing career!

How I automated my writing career

Naturally, any automation of “creative” processes interests me because I believe that some parts of the creative process of video postproduction can be automated. However, author Robbie Allen is right when he says:

Software isn’t a panacea, though. Not all content can be easily automated (yet). The type of content my company,Automated Insights, has automated is quantitatively oriented. That’s the trick. We’ve automated content by applying meaning to numbers, to data. Sports was the first category we tackled. Sports by their nature are very data heavy. By our internal estimates, 70% of all sports-related articles are analyzing numbers in one form or another.

Similarly there are many types of video that lend itself to automation. For example SundaySky create up to 1.4 million unique videos a month:

SundaySky, Tel Aviv/New York-based start-up with 50 employees, with no video camera or production staff, will produce 1.4 million video clips this month for a range of big retail and real estate corporate customers including and the History Channel. The company pulls customer data into a customized template which creates videos with movement, music, narration and graphics and video.

These are neither “cat videos” nor are they the sort of video that requires enormous human creativity. These are not for the big screen or for broadcast, but they are part of the online video trend (revolution?) to provide more video content at lower cost to produce, which seems to be everyone’s goals.

Our goals with Assisted Editing are to “take the boring out of post” as a tool for an editor or producer to filter through clips and find stories, or to simply automate dull parts of the process, and perhaps, build this type of simple video automatically.

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  • The Hanson · November 4, 2011 at 10:08 pm

    “I’ve got a feeling, it’s automatic”

    Seriously, automation will boost our creativity into a big black hole!

    Automation is nothing for woodworkers who have their own mind of organization and beauty.

    Give me a good Script, a good Director, Time and a Steenbeck and we’re back in business.

    THe reception of our brains might be fast but i prefer the slow picture. Like good ice cream that melts perfectly slow.

    Good things are available if you learn to separate, avoid and boycott signs that try to force you doing things that will overwrite the good thoughts that otherwise get erased by too much information.

    Turn the high-power off an hibernate into smooth ideas



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