Adobe Story update: new and changed features

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  1. Philip,
    You feel undersold in what sense? Like the Adobe Story workflow is so great they should be pushing it more than they are or Adobe is over-hyping it and it’s not really that good?

    1. Almost no-one knows about Adobe story and how useful it is in editing. Adobe undersells it completely.

  2. It’s one of the few Adobe features I wish Apple would replicate in FCPX. Of course FCPX is still very young but the FCPX metadata mindset says to me that Apple has to be thinking of some interesting implementations.

    1. Apple have a long way to go to match up with Adobe’s workflow – at least for scripted. I think Prelude is an attempt to get early metadata entry for non-scripted shows, but it’s not released yet so the full details are still obscure.

      We have some interesting ideas for early and easy metadata entry for trip that I’ll be sharing as we go. Pretty awesome if I immodestly say so. 🙂

  3. Does Story exist as a full installable version for work offline – or does it only work online?

    1. There are two versions of Story – one that works inside a browser and generally requires online access. The other is an Adobe Air application and is fully functional outside the browser and offline. (Obviously you can’t work collaboratively, nor will synching work, while you’re offline, but it syncs when next online).

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