The Robotic Musicians known as Intel’s Industrial Control.

The Robotic Musicians known as: Intel’s Industrial Control in Concert Some amazing engineers – softwaare *& hardware.

I admired the animations when they came out and am just blown away that an engineering team could implement it in real life, in 90 days using off the shelf software and hardware.

And while we’re on that theme:  Robot Quadrotors Perform James Bond Theme

This type of aerial platform is going to be amazingly import for adding production value at modest cost. It’s an important part of our planning for Solar Odyssey thanks to sponsor Hoverfly. You can see one in the background of this crazy flash-mob-as-wedding-surprize video. You can see it at least once in the distance, and it provides a lot of production value for one camera. (Oh and in that video, I love the shot of someone using an iPad as a video camera! It had to happen.)