7toX for Final Cut Pro 1.0.5 hits the Mac App Store

7toX version 1.0.5 hit the Mac App Store last night. This version is free from the Mac App Store and is mostly tidying up loose ends as we find them.

What’s New in this Version

  • Support for XML exported from Belle Nuit Subtitler
  • Support for XML exported from Movie★Slate
  • Bug fix for XML exported from Premiere Pro
  • Bug fix for Crop
  • Bug fix for Position, Scale, Crop and Distort for square pixel video in non-square pixel timelines, and non-square pixel video in square pixel timelines
  • Bug fix for detecting Photoshop clips in a Project

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  1. prompt, as ever!

  2. Thanks guys for keeping up the development pace!

  3. XML from Belle Nuit Subtitler ? Great, I’ve always used this soft in FCP7 !

  4. I have an issue with 7tox regarding Premiere Pro CS5.5 and FCX. I have exported my Premiere project into FCP7 xml and then sent it through 7tox and into FCX. Everything goes over well except that my sequences (converted into roles) only show the sequence up to the first cut. So, a time lime of 5min of video cut every minute will only show up in FCX as a 1 minute roll.

    Please help.

    Thank you.

    1. The only thing I can suggest is to email us the XML from Premiere Pro CS5.5 that is causing the problem. We’ve already made a lot of adaptions for the very imperfect “FCP 7” XML from Premiere Pro SC 5.5. (It’s very incomplete.)


  5. Update: The roles are only the first 6 seconds of the premiere sequence. Also, my FCX is a trail version (does this affect your app or XML import)?

    1. 7toX works with both the full and trial versions of Final Cut Pro X.

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