hits $70m in revenue.

Color me pleasantly surprised: hits $70 million in revenue Awesome result, congrats Lynda & Bruce.

Just goes to show that delivering a product people want at a price they’re prepared to pay, is always good business.

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  1. Wow. Never would of thought. How do the authors get paid? Looking forward to the boat trip blog post Phillip.

    1. In the Techcrunch article, it’s like a book publisher model: an up front advance and then earned back against viewership of their programs.

  2. To say their stuff is pirated all over the web, it really is incredible. Well done to them…

    1. Interestingly there hasn’t been any credible study done (i.e. peer reviewed and published methodology and all results) that has shown any harm from piracy for any individual or corporation.

      The US Govt Accounting Office has said that the MPAA/RIAA studies are essentially direct lies.

      1. Could’s figures show that if people are given access to quality material and not asked to pay through the nose, that people will, on the whole, buy this stuff, and not (on the whole) pirate it? I think we should be told…

        1. I’d happily draw that inference.

          1. There’s a whole promotional department at The Pirate Bay and he’s not the only artist who’ve found fame (and fortune) by giving away their music (as part of a business plan, not a “give it away and pray” plan.

          2. Everyone needs to make their own choice. I find much of what is asserted in the article to be questionable factually, but it’s real to the writer.

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