Solar Odyssey: Camera position for 10 days, anyone?

Our camera person for Solar Odyssey, BT Corwin, isn’t able to join us until June 5, while we set sail May 27, so there’s about nine days where we’ll be one person down.

We’ll probably get by – although there’s a reason I’m not a shooter – but it would be nice to have someone with reality/news experience who could manage the FS100 for that period. Not that it’s a particularly attractive offer because we can’t do more than cover costs for that phase. When we get a sale of the series we’ll be paying everyone involved decent wages, but it’s not possible to do it up front.

Ideally someone based in Florida or nearby.

If you’re interested email me. If you’re suitable you’ll be able to find my email address online. 🙂

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  1. Phillip,

    Perhaps this has been asked/discussed/pondered over before and I’m missing it. But why not take this project via kickstarter campaign asap?

    Seems tailored made for kickstarter not only because of film but because of social/alternative energy/etc/etc/etc….

    1. Kickstarter would have been perfect if we’d started in Feb or March. A two week campaign and the subsequent 2 week wait for the $$$ puts us three weeks into the journey. We can fund the journey, just not while paying everyone, which would be over $10K a week for 180 weeks. That’s a big kickstarter campaign.

      To date we’ve financed the boat, production tools, and basic living expenses out of revenue or sponsorships. Crew pay will, unfortunately, have to come from a future program sale. That includes our revenue for production too, and paying back some boat expenses that were loaned to the project.

      All that said, in hindsight a Kickstarter campaign would have been a good idea. In fact I went a long way down the path of working on reward levels etc before realizing time had got away from us.

      1. Two cents worth but think you guys need to re-think this…being on the journey would be huge for the kickstarte’s not only used for funds to bring a project about but to market and sell that project.

        A good number of people I’d imagine be willing to sign up for this, pay the price of admission (DVD,etc) to be a part of it and they can watch it as it happens. Then you guys have money to pay yourselves back or use as a major strategic resource for the next leg of dist & prom.

        You need to pay for the crew well how great in that you want to raise X $’s to get that done…who wouldn’t think that a noble cause?

        Telling you you guys are leaving tremendous opportunity and $$ on the table and not to mention future revenue…

        Again two cents…”keep the change”!

        And good luck and god speed!

        1. Thanks for the input CJ. I will rethink it.

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