Solar Odyssey – I’m on my way!

For me it’s day -6 as I head off to Orlando to do two days of Hoverfly remote control helicopter training – and in turn train others to fly it on the boat. (As much as I think I’ll love it, I’ll have a few other duties to do).

So, for me it’s got very real, very quickly. The last two weeks have been packed with gear. Boxes arriving from everywhere as I build out the kit. Then more boxes arrived. And more. And more. We have an over packaging problem! Everything from cameras, to audio gear, to power – all the things I talked about in the previous series of “Haiku” posts.

This was just part of what arrived, was unpacked, checked and repacked. Click for a bigger view.
That's pretty much all that's necessary in there. Laptops, iPads and NEX7's excluded.

All this condensed down to 10 boxes ready to ship to Florida.

All packed ready to drop at FedEx.

So far, I’m impressed with the NEX7 as both a video and still camera. The light sensitivity of the FS100 is absolutely amazing, and the audio synching works well in FCP X , but we may be looking at Pluraleyes for batch processing.

Net result is that everything I need to do a multi camera reality TV show doesn’t take up multiple grip trucks – it fits in the back of a Kia Spectra 5! And on a 47.5′ by 6′ boat.


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  1. Good Luck guys- looking forward to your aquatic updates!

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