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By now you’ve probably heard of journey – in fact I’m already in Orlando doing Hoverfly training. If I get good enough they’re going to sponsor a Hoverfly Venu. These are awesome machines and I’ve made good progress in two days, but still have a way to go that will come with practice.

We were initially planning on taking on interns for two week cycles, but realized that would add a large burden of retraining with our new systems every two weeks!  Instead we opted to make three positions available: From Clearwater to New York City, from New York City to Chicago, and from Chicago back to Clearwater.

We’ve filled the second and third legs from people who initially applied for the internship program, but still have Clearwater to New York open – that’s June 1 to approximately July 6. (Damn, we’ll miss New York for July 4th)

First, the bad news is that there is no up front money. This applies to everyone on the crew – we’re all going into this having our expenses covered with the expectation of being paid when we sell the series. As a production assistant you will share in that to the extent of a $1000 a week salary for the time you spend on board working.  Realistically, if we get a sale it won’t show money until late in the year.

You will have a great adventure.
You will have a credit on a reality series as a production assistant.
You will learn how to produce using the latest technology under amazing conditions.
You will learn how metadata can be used to speed production.
You’ll see America a way that few people do and participate in our record setting journey.

We will be working with some cutting edge, custom developed software that we expect to sell when we get back from the trip (the we in this context is Intelligent Assistance, who are providing all production services to Media Porch Productions). You will know as much about that software as anyone in the world, which we expect will open doors for you in reality production.

What we’re looking for is one (or more) people who have a very open idea on how production “must” happen – we’ll be breaking most rules, while still fitting a reality show style.

You must be open to Final Cut Pro X as we’ll be using that to produce. Ideally you’d be an all-rounder: able to handle a camera and shoot, wrangle media, and do some basic (or more) editing on the show segments.

If you’re still interested and can make the Clearwater to New York leg starting June 1 (realistically you’d need to fly to Tampa May 31st – we will pay airfare) to around July 5-6 in New York.

You’ll need to be over 18. The crew is mostly male, but our primary camera operator – with us most of the time – is female.

So, if you’re still interested let me know what legs you’d be interested in (you can nominate for all three) and provide a short summary of your production history/skills and why you want to join our Solar Odyssey. And if you can’t make it, thanks for your interest. Be sure to follow our journey at

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  1. Philip, I am an editor/colourist from Vancouver BC and think this is an amazing opportunity. I sent you and email at with more info. Is there a better place to send it? Thank you for creating such an adventurous project and for sharing your learning along the way!

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