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7toX for Final Cut Pro 1.0.10

Version 1.0.10 has just been released – thanks to the folks at the Mac App Store for granting an expedited review process! The main feature is that it fixes the offline media bug from version 1.0.9, but here’s the full list (including the fixes from 1.0.9):

• Bug fix for incorrectly seeing media files as offline
• Bug fix for multiple keyword collections created for keywords containing a comma (bin names containing a comma are replaced with a semicolon)
• Bug fixes for XML exported from Premiere Pro
• Bug fix for multiclips containing Motion projects
• Bug fixes for certain multiclip structures
• Bug fix for XML exported from REDCINE-X PRO
• Bug fix for media file paths with “illegal” characters







2 responses to “7toX for Final Cut Pro 1.0.10”

  1. Rick

    Could you tell me if the 7toX for FCP works with FCP 6 as well. I only have version 6 and trying to get a copy of 7 is difficult.

    Thank you.


    1. Philip

      We put considerable extra effort in to make sure 7toX works with FCP 6 XML as well as FCP 7 XML.