7toX for Final Cut Pro 1.0.11

The latest release of 7toX for Final Cut Pro includes:

• Bug fix for media file paths with “illegal” characters
• Bug fix for subclips in bins
• Bug fix for 25 fps media in XML exported from Premiere Pro
• Bug fix for large numbers in long sequences
• Bug fix for a peculiar XML structure containing text nodes
• Bug fix for missing Reel name metadata

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  1. Hi Phillip,

    I’m new to 7toX, and I’ve exported an XML from FCP7 (from Browser window open so it takes the whole project) , and no matter what I do (I’ve exported and used 7toX to translate it about 10 times now) I always get a crash from FCPX. When I reopen FCPX, the FCP7 project is there in FCPX now but there is no keyword collections, no FCP7 Sequences keywords either. I’m sure this is because the process is being cut short by FCPX crashing.

    Any ideas? I can’t seem to get FCPX to import an FCPXML file from 7toX no matter what I do!!!

    1. The best suggestion is to send us info @ intelligentassistance.com (without the spaces of course) the XML from FCP 7 XML that is causing the problem.


  2. Hi,

    When going from FCP7 to FCPX, my multi-clips are always reset (or losing the sync). this results in all the video in FCPX’s multi-clips to start at and I have to re-sync the multi-clips again. I not only have to re-sync my master multi-clip, but also each instance of the clip used on the timeline. With several hundred edits, that’s quite a big task. And our show is 85% multi-clips (dvcpro720p50).

    Is this a known bug/feature? It’s happening with every kind of multi-clip I throw at it, and is still there at 1.0.11.

    BTW, I’ve already sent XML’s 😉

    1. You’re much better off handling this with techsupport@intelligentassistance.com as I am not the best person to help you. AFAIK there are no know issues with multi-clips in 7toX (they’re not supported with Xto7) but it could be as a consequence of the DVCPproP50 footage. If you’ve sent the XML to info@ or techsupport@ then they will be looked at in turn.

      1. Thank you. That was actually quite helpful. I haven’t tried another codec yet, since we only shoot DVCproP50.

        info@ already has a couple of XML’s plus other details. Looking forward to my “turn” in the pile.


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