Jobs in Movie and Music business just hit an all time high!

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  1. Yeah, where can I find one of these jobs? Correction, one where it pays a living wage. Find plenty of entry level low-no stuff but thats none too helpful.

    1. Dept Labor Statistics takes data from tax returns etc – how people identify themselves. As for you not being able to find a job – it’s tough and you have to be constantly networking and improving your skills. The top 20% of any profession are NEVER unemployed. Be that.

      1. I don’t see why the MPAA/RIAA and BLS can’t both be right (or both be wrong depending on how you look at it). The industry as ‘defined’ by the MPAA or RIAA is most likely a small, but high profile, subset of the industry as a whole.

        To Joshua Brown,
        Use the entry level/low ball stuff to build a reel and cut your teeth. Don’t be risk adverse (which is not the same as being reckless), don’t be afraid to move across the country, don’t be afraid to cold contact strangers but *do* have a plan. A real plan. Like “I want to DP a Hollywood feature in 10yrs” then work backwards to today and figure out what path you need to follow to make that goal come try. Every decision you make from that day forward should move you one step closer to achieving your goal.

        1. The MPAA and RIAA have spend the last 10 years providing totally bogus statistics that have no representation in reality. They have reported that a particular study “proves” their case when in fact it was just the opposite. They’ve used these bogus studies to influence politicians into providing them with ridiculous legal coverage.

          There has not been an honest word come out of the MPAA or RIAA in my memory. Not one honest word.

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