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The New Professional Video Editor

Given how few people are full time professional video editors, and how many seats of NLEs have been sold, there are clearly a lot of people “in between”: people who edit professionally, but not all day, every day. Here are a couple of examples from my recent reading.

From a site focused on advertising agency business, comes Video Editing is Becoming an Important Skill Set for Ad Agency New Business:

Creating video is becoming a necessary component to your agency’s content marketing strategy.

More interesting, is a paragraph buried in a long New Yorker article Is College Moving Online?:

One morning in March, I visited a meeting of what Nagy calls his “skunk works” mooc-production team. The agenda was pressing: the next morning, CB22x was going to go live, and the videos for the first lesson were not yet finished. Natasha Bershadsky, the course’s main video editor, kept checking the clock. She is not, by vocation, a Web editor: she recently defended her dissertation in Greek history, at the University of Chicago. For CB22x, she was trained in editing technique by Marlon Kuzmick, a teacher of “digital storytelling” who serves as Harvard’s mooc video guru. Nagy refers to Kuzmick as “our German director,” although Kuzmick is Canadian. Nagy likes to imagine him as Fritz Lang in “Contempt,” shooting a film of the Odyssey.

Just a couple of the “new professional video editors”, and part of the whole Video is another form of literacy trend.






6 responses to “The New Professional Video Editor”

  1. “Given how few people are full time professional video editors…”

    Where does this information come from? “Few”?

    1. Philip

      I’ve quoted it a couple of times – according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics there are 26,500 “film and tv editors” in the USA. Apple sold 2 million seats of FCP Classic to about 1,500,000 unique registrants.

      1. But most editors in our industry don’t do TV or film, but they are still full time editors.

  2. Charlie

    Speaking of democratizing video editing…

    lol 🙂

    1. Philip

      I think that’s very cool, and very much down the line I was thinking. There’s a concert video done with fan footage, iirc. I advised on format and media handling a long time back.