Survey says: Corporate Video Projects More Popular than Ever

There’s been a lot of discussion about what sort of professional videos work being done, that isn’t directly involved with Movies or network/cable Television. Well, SCRI has released an overview of their Digital Media Production Trends report. What’s important when reviewing these types of survey results, is to examine who was surveyed, and what they were asked.

This article on presents the results more clearly than the posting by SCRI themselves. I have not read the actual details of the survey. At $1750 for the full results, it’ll take deeper pockets than mine to open that information up. But the overview (selective, of course) is helpful in understanding the meta directions “editing” is trending into.

The survey was conducted amongst digital media and broadcast and pro video facilities with employee bases of 1-over 1,000 people and included Large Content and Small Content creators.  Industry types ranged from Advertising to Broadcast and CableTV to Film production and Corporate video clients.  Online webisode producers were even surveyed, and the breakdown of projects conducted by these facilities break out as follows:

  • Corporate Video related production – 48.6%
  • Commercials (TV & online – 43.8%
  • Documentaries – 42.7%
  • Special Events – 38.5%
  • Training Videos – 38.4%
  • TV Episodics  – 35.7%
  • Feature Films – 32.4%
  • TV Other – 28.7%
  • Short Form Online Content – 25.9%
  • Music Videos – 24.9%

Without access to the full details, that’s nothing more than a broad overview.

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  1. In a discussion I had on a forum a year or two ago I mentioned that we are in a golden age of corporate video production. From digital signage to YouTube the landscape for corporate video is exponentially wider now than ever before. Couple that with affordable gear videos becoming a new form of literacy and it’s a brave new world in the corporate space.

  2. In my experience, the problem with corporate video is the shrinking budgets.
    It’s true that nowadays all the budgets are shrinking, but corporate videos sometimes demands too much work for the budget.

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