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Get a copy of Producer’s Best Friend Free with Lumberjack Subscription

I’m very happy to announce that Lumberjack System now has an iOS Logger – an app for logging without an Internet connection. To celebrate we’re offering the next 50 (well, less now) people who sign up for a year of Lumberjack System a free copy of Intelligent Assistance’s Producer’s Best Friend.

From our press release:

With the release of the free iOS Logger app as part of Lumberjack System, loggers are free to log reality, documentary, sports or conference video anywhere, even without an internet connection.

To celebrate this important milestone, Lumberjack System and Intelligent Assistance will give a free copy of Producer’s Best Friend (a $99 value) with the first 50 people who sign up for an annual subscription for Lumberjack System.

“Lumberjack System was conceived in an environment of guaranteed Internet access, but feedback from beta testers made it obvious that we needed to extend Lumberjack System logging away from the Internet in order to handle remote locations that do not have access to the web,” says Lumberjack System CEO Philip Hodgetts.

While the release version is iPad only, I installed a beta of a build that works on both iPads and iPhones.