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Lunch with Terry Curren

The latest episode of Lunch with Philip and Greg is with Terry Curren, recorded during the Blackmagic Design Open Day in August 2014. Terry Curren is Founder and President of Alpha Dogs. Terry has had a passion for filmed entertainment since the age of 12, when he began creating home movies with an old eight-millimeter camera.

Lunch with Terry CurrenHe began his career in the early 1980s by directing, editing and producing music videos and a direct-to-video feature film. In 1986, he spearheaded the evolution of a major post-production facility’s edit bays, where he became senior editor in short order. His reviews and tutorials of emerging post technologies have appeared in Post, DV Magazine and other publications.

His extensive knowledge of the Avid along with his rich editorial and color-correction experience, has earned him the recognition of his peers and a legion of loyal clients. Visit Terry’s IMDB page.

Career Start     0′ 30″
Matchframe and MTV   2’ 35”
Changing Business Models   5’ 30”
Starting his own business   9’ 44”
Predicting the new future  12’  05″
Discussing food and the importance of beer 17’ 12”
Multicamera Production and Editor’s Lounge Panels 20’ 07”
4K   21’ 27”
Democratization  and changing business models 22’ 33”
Shooting Lunch with Philip and Greg  31’ 23”
Most significant change during your career  34’ 48”
Expected future change 36’ 40”
Adapting to change 42’ 17”