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Lunch with Michael Horton

Michael Horton’s  career is well documented – the first of our guests with a Wikipedia entry. Michael is also one of my longest standing and closest friends. We met at a LACPUG meeting long before I moved to the USA and he endeared himself to us when he was the first to review The DV Companion for Final Cut Pro back in 1999.

Michael Horton Key Image

Introduction  0’ 30”
DV Companion and Final Cut Pro  2’ 25”
Why was an actor interested in Final Cut Pro?  5’ 42”
The early days of LAFCPUG/LACPUG and Final Cut Pro  7’ 00”
Evolution of Non-Linear  11’ 00”
Why has the evangelistic/community associated with FCP passed?  12’ 05”
Evolution of the LA User Group and Supermeets  14’ 52″
The affect of FCP X on the user group  16’ 20”
On watching yourself back  18’ 31”
Syndication returns & being famous and on to science fiction  20’ 16”
Being successful as an actor  24’ 54”
But I really want to direct  31’ 52”
Democratization  32’ 09”
Family History  32’ 43”
Cooking memories  35’ 02”
The best laid career plans… 36’ 26”
What motivates Michael  37’ 33”
The changes since 2011  39’ 22”
Supermeets  42’ 43”
Biggest change going forward?  44’ 52″
Any career advice for your younger self, or others  46’ 49”
Networking  48’ 04”
What makes a good editor  51’ 19”
Demonstrations  52’ 13”
Giving up smoking  57’ 07”

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  • Rich Gedney · December 24, 2015 at 12:31 am

    Like your set up for the interview. I do a some close quarter interviews during film festivals and was thinking about going to gopro cameras as well for minimal set ups. So I’m guessing you used two gopro 4k with each person on a wireless microphone? Editing in real time with ipad switcher or after?

    Happy Holidays,
    Rich Gedney
    Atlanta,Georgia USA.

    • Author comment by Philip · December 24, 2015 at 8:42 am

      Two 4K GoPros for 1080 finish. Each person has a lapel mic feeding into a Zoom H1N in their pocket. All independent recording. FCP X Multicam then through Lumberyard for the logging and post produced multicam switch. I wrote more details when we first started the series.



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