Lunch with Philip and Greg

In this edition Cirina Catania turns the tables and takes Philip Hodgetts and Greg Clarke to lunch. You can find out all you want about Philip on this blog or with a Google search. Greg Clarke has a PhD in Medical Research but chose a career of entrepreneurship over medical research, becoming ‘Friday boss’ in Philip’s Australian business. He is now the co-develper and coding partner for Intelligent Assistance and Lumberjack System.

Philip and Greg have been together as a couple for nearly 25 years, and married in California in 2008.

Who are you, what do you do?  0’ 25”
Why the interest in metadata?  2’ 04”
Being a Futurologist  4’ 02″
Metadata and the Final Cut Pros  4’ 50”
Where do product ideas come from?  6’ 29”
How do you work together?   7’ 22”
How did you get started  9’ 13”
Entrepreneurship & business experience 14’ 03”
Involvement in Studio Film Production  18’ 26”
Creativity: coding and cooking  19’ 51”
Buying a house  21’ 51”
Singing  23’ 23”
Content Metadata on YouTube
Creativity, insight and cooking  25’ 54”
Health and Fitness  27’ 54”
Good vs Perfect  29’ 13”
What are you most proud of? 33’ 37”
What’s going to happen in the future?  34’ 35”
Future of the iPad  39’ 04”
Would you like to change the world?  41’ 34”
Are you glad you went into this business  43’ 10”
What are you thankful for? 43’ 50″