Lunch with Douglas Blush

Doug blush has been an  award-winning filmmaker for more than 20 years, currently focusing on top level documentary features and independent film productions through his Los Angeles-based company, MadPix, Inc.

His credits include directing, editing, writing, producing and/or camera on more than seventy feature and television documentaries, including Oscar, Emmy, Grammy and Peabody Award winning projects, eight Sundance Film Festival features including one Grand Jury and one Audience Award winner, and two of the top 60 box office documentaries of all time.  Contact him at

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Introduction  0’ 33”

Wordplay  0’ 51”

Media 100 Editor’s Companion  1’ 33”

Is this a golden age for documentary footage?  2’ 36”

The importance of backups  5’ 54”

Being a documentarian  8’ 55”

The changing role of an editor  12’ 09”

Democratization  15’ 34”

The challenge of editing documentaries  16’ 30

Dealing with (embracing) change  17’ 56”

Learning from younger assistants  19’ 23”

Plug-ins for removing reverb  21’ 26”

Interoperability in the Adobe suite  23’ 10”

Final Cut Pro X’s influence  24’ 46”

The scariness of jumping into the new  27’ 13”

If Resolve becomes a better editor, who’s threatened?  28’ 28”

Avid’s future  31’ 27”

Learning and unlearning  33’ 29”

Fitness, editing and maturing  38’ 31”

Career development  39’ 55”

Avid and editing’s share of its business  41’ 23”

Final Cut Pro business model  43’ 10”

Evolution of Final Cut Pro  44’ 34”

The way software evolves  46’ 29”

Career Start?  47’ 09”

The problem of too much footage loss of precision in shooting 53’ 43”

Editor’s make the best directors  55’ 29”

The story discovery in documentaries  56’ 07”

The biggest change in your career so far? (Evolution of the documentary)  58’ 15”

Biggest expected change?  61’ 09”

We’re five year’s into FCP X’s “Platform for the next ten years”  63’ 25”

Telenovela workflow in Brazil  65’ 25”

Implications of good speech-to-text in NLEs  (transcripts) 67’ 22”

Having a ‘client’ when developing software  73’ 46”

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  1. Thanks for the show notes. Having the time referenced is awesome.

    1. I tried to put index points into the video. I’m not sure if it was me, or if there is a rule about time points on long videos, but I could never make it work, so the index in show notes is the next best thing.

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