Lunch with Heather Williams

Our latest Lunch guest is Heather Williams. Heather has been working with manufacturers for nearly 10 years helping to bring the best video production tools to market – meeting the important and evolving needs of today’s creative professionals. She began her career as part of the original team at G-Technology and helped grow the company into the world’s leading supplier of external drives to the creative community. She now continues her dream of working with creative professionals as the VP of Sales at Atomos and sharing how their line of award-winning products are revolutionizing today’s production workflow.

Heather Williams Key Image2

Introduction  0’ 25”

Changes as startups grow  1’05”

Australian regional accents  1’ 52”

Why Lunch with Philip and Greg  2’55”

Career start  3’ 45”

Industry relationships and people 5’ 45”

Democratization  (Being passionate)  9’15”

As startups mature, do they become less interesting?  11’ 40”

Cameras are sexier than hard drives  13’ 01”

Working with Atoms  13’ 50”

Do you experience much sexism?  14’ 17”

Lunch and The semiSerious Foodies intent  19’ 12”

Flicker Free reference  20’ 00”

Changes in sales during economic shifts  20’ 38”

Career advice to your younger self  22’ 09”

Life outside work  23’ 39”

Why log Lunch with Lumberjack  25’ 11”

How do you deal with constant change  27’ 50”

What’s the biggest change you’ve experienced in your career or in society?  31’  28”

What will be the biggest change in your future career?  33’46

Drones  35’ 24”

Heat maps and editing flow  36’ 56”

HDR  37’ 57”