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Lunch with Oliver Peters

Our latest lunch with Oliver Peters was recorded during NAB 2016 in Las Vegas.  Oliver Peters is an independent video/film editor, colorist, post production supervisor and consultant. He is also a contributing editor/writer for Videography, DV and TV Technology magazines. he’s worked in the radio, television and film industries since 1970. Over the years, this has included a variety of hands-on production and post production positions, as well as various facility management roles. Along the way, I have earned numerous awards, including local, regional and national Addy, Telly and Monitor Awards. His full bio can be found on his blog.

Oliver Key image 2

LWPG Oliver Peters

Introduction  0’ 20”

Career Start  0’ 43”

Getting a break  1’ 51”

Advice on starting a career  4’ 08”

Reputation as fair and unbiased  7’ 46”

Internet Fame  12’ 24”

Food and LWPG discussion 13’ 54”

GoPro Timecode Back – SyncBack Pro  15’ 29”

FCP X Multicam  16’ 15”

Embracing Change  18’ 24”

VR and 3D  19’ 55”

The role of story  26’ 38”

The right tool for the job  28’ 14”

Avid  30’ 01”

Biggest change in technology during your career  32’ 17”

Expected changes?  38’ 29”

Automation and Templorataization  40’ 10”

Things that could be improved – Transcriptions and their uses  45’ 04”

Focus and WTF efficiencies  48’ 21”

Is it important for a modern editor to have a balance of skills? 52’ 12”

Impact of multiple cameras  55’49”

What advice would you give your younger self?  60’ 18