Lumberjack Can: A musical tribute

I’ve mentioned in passing that I’ve been learning to sing over the last two years (almost to the day). Well, it seems like a reasonable outlet to sing about the things I love and do. Here’s a short musical tribute to Lumberjack’s three modes: real-time keywording; story building; transcripts and magic keywords. Adapted lyrics by Philip Hodgetts

The audio was pre-recorded in my friend Marlon Braccia’s voice over booth, to a backing track edited from a backing track I purchased.

The video was shot by Cirina Catania and Colin Brown on a Blackmagic Design Cinema camera. Despite the look, it is not green screen: that’s a real cloth backdrop.

Edited in Final Cut Pro X by myself.

3 thoughts on “Lumberjack Can: A musical tribute”

  1. OMG Philip, this is the best promotion clip for any application that I have EVER seen!


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