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Editing Audio in FCP X

When I discovered I could do in two keystrokes what took 9 mouse clicks and keystrokes in Soundtrack Pro, I never looked back and now edit all my audio only projects in FCP X.

I got together with Marcelo Lewin of DigitalMedia Pros and explained how I do it.







2 responses to “Editing Audio in FCP X”

  1. This is quite timely for me as I’ve decided to edit an audio tour project in FCP X. The narration tracks drop straight into the Timeline, but the included interview clips need to be cleaned up.

    When starting a Project in FCP X, you have to select the video format. Does it matter what format if you’re exporting as Audio only?

    1. Philip

      Just leave the video format at whatever it defaults to. It’s no relevant. When exporting export Audio only.